Full Coverage Foundation For Dry Skin

Everyone wants to look beautiful when dressing up, the skin looks smooth and blemish-free is a dream. But usually, the foundation will be difficult to dry skin. To overcome this, consider the product foundation is used. Do you already use a moisturizer? The foundation that used already match the dry skin yet? Choosing a foundation cream suitable for skin types is a great thing to note. Do not let the foundation used thus giving a negative effect on the health of the skin. For those who have dry skin problems, could try the following products.


Foundation cream exodus of The Body Shop is suitable for you who were normal to dry skin. SPF and contain no aroma, the foundation is already the final by dermatologists so it is safe to use for that sensitive-skinned.


This type of Foundation contains oil and is highly recommended for those who have dry skin. Before using this foundation, preferably in advance in order to beat the formula contained in the foundation’s mixed perfectly.
For those of you who have dry skin, you can apply foundation before using make-up. This Foundation gives you the perfect humidity because oil is the main ingredient used by the foundation of this type. The Foundation is very easy to blend with your skin, wear to taste not too thick. This Foundation can make your skin look smooth and radiant.

This type of Foundation is smooth like cream and contain moisturizers. For you who want to disguise fine lines or wrinkles on the face, the foundation is highly recommended. Cream foundation is strongly recommended for those of you who have facial skin and normal. This Foundation makes your skin becomes moist and covers the black flecks also wrinkles, then this foundation is the right media to cover the shortfall with more perfect on the face. This Foundation is creamy textured and thick.