Best women’s Razor for Sensitive Skin

Shaving armpit hair, or trimming their pubic foot is often done by women. The activities of the shaving turned out to be not as easy as buying a hair Shaver, check out the tips below to choose the best hair Shaver for your needs, especially for sensitive skin.

There are two types of the common hair Shaver on the market there is a disposable razor and a refillable razor. Not all hair Shaver works well without causing scratches, so it is very important to know how a hair Shaver works and fits in the hand. Some women choose different Shaver for each Member of the body. Different Shaver for underarms, pubic shear woman and legs.

Choose a Hair Shaver For Women

Choosing the right Shaver can make the difference between a close shave and affected by scratches or cuts. Choosing a good Shaver can also avoid irritation and ingrown hair for sensitive skin. Some hair Shaver there are cooling and conditioning strips that make razors becomes more slippery in the skin as well as cool and moisturize the skin after shaving.

Preparing Skin for Shaved

Use shaving cream helps avoid wound generate good shaving results. The razor must be rinsed as often as possible at the time to shave armpit hairs or bristles so that others do not inhibit the blade and cause injuries.

Prepare the leather to be sheared properly will make the process easier and to avoid shaving irritation. Use warm water or bathing with warm water so the pores can be more open and use an exfoliator on the armpits of women so that the skin is not blackened and in other parts of the body can eliminate dead skin cells that cause the skin rough and dull.

Select the Shaver as needed, either disposable shavers or Rechargeable Shaver. Don’t forget to consider the flexibility of the head of the Shaver to grab the corners hard and we recommend that you select a special Shaver for women because the Shaver was designed specifically for a woman’s body shape which is certainly different from men.

These are the three best female shavers for sensitive skin

  • Gillette Venus Divine Sensitive women’s Razor
  • Schick Hydro Razor Care Sensitive Silk
  • Gillette Venus Razor Disposable women’s Sensitive Skin