Matte Lipstick for Brown Skin

Brown skin is very attractive because it looks sexy and glamour. Of course, to bring up that impression, it requires skill and a way of fitting so that beauty can emerge naturally. One of them is to choose the right lipstick color to match the color of the leather base. Learn about the undertone of your skin, it will be relatively easier to choose the color of lipstick that suits your skin.

There are people who are equally brown-skinned, but when wearing lipstick of the same color, it turns out that the result is different. There is that look very natural on her lips, but there is a less visible merge or becomes dark. This is due to the difference of skin undertone. There is a skin that tends to be tinged with warm skin and is called, and there tend to be cold and nuanced called cold skin. Skin Undertone is becoming a key factor the selection color of lipstick that matches.

How do I easily found out undertone skin? Note the pulse on your arm on the side. When the pulse appears in green, then your skin in warm skin hue. When the pulse looks blue and purple, then your skin in cold skin hue. In both, then your skin in the skin’s hue is neutral.

Here is a few matte lipstick for brown skin:

  • Dior Lipstick Diorific Matte Velvet
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
  • Nude Brown Luppies for WOC
  • Charlotte Tilbury Matte Luminous Modern Revolution-Matte Lipsticks
  • Tom Ford Matte Lip Color